Multilayer PCB

HONTEC is one of leading Multilayer PCB manufacture, who specializes in high-mix,low volume and quickturn prototype PCB for high-tech industries in 28 countries.


Our Multilayer PCB has passed UL, SGS and ISO9001 certification, we are in application of ISO14001 and TS16949 as well.


Located in Shenzhen of GuangDong, HONTEC partners up with UPS, DHL and world-class forwarders to provide efficient shipping services. Welcome to buy Multilayer PCB from us. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours.

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  • ST115G PCB -- with the development of integrated technology and microelectronic packaging technology, the total power density of electronic components is growing, while the physical size of electronic components and electronic equipment is gradually tending to be small and miniaturized, resulting in rapid accumulation of heat, resulting in the increase of heat flux around the integrated devices. Therefore, high temperature environment will affect the electronic components and devices This requires a more efficient thermal control scheme. Therefore, the heat dissipation of electronic components has become a major focus in the current electronic components and electronic equipment manufacturing.

  • Halogen-free PCB -- halogen (halogen) is a group VII a non-gold Duzhi element in Bai, including five elements: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine. Astatine is a radioactive element, and the halogen is usually referred to as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. Halogen-free PCB is environmental protection PCB does not contain the above elements.

  • Tg250 PCB is made of polyimide material. It can withstand high temperature for a long time and does not deform at 230 degrees. It is suitable for high temperature equipment, and its price is slightly higher than that of ordinary FR4

  • S1000-2M PCB is made of S1000-2M material with TG value of 180. It is a good choice for Multilayer PCB with high reliability, high cost performance, high performance, stability and practicality

  • For high-speed applications, the performance of plate plays an important role. IT180A PCB belongs to high Tg board, which is also commonly used high Tg board. It has high cost performance, stable performance, and can be used for signals within 10G.

  • ENEPIG PCB is the abbreviation of gold plating, palladium plating and nickel plating. ENEPIG PCB coating is the latest technology used in electronic circuit industry and semiconductor industry. The gold coating with thickness of 10 nm and palladium coating with thickness of 50 nm can achieve good conductivity, corrosion resistance and friction resistance.

Wholesale newest Multilayer PCB made in China from our factory. Our factory called HONTEC which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. Welcome to buy high quality and discount Multilayer PCB with the low price which has CE certification. Do you need price list? If you need, we also can offer you. Besides, we will provide you with cheap price.
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