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  • The photovoltaic effect of semiconductor material is the basic principle of solar cell operation. At present, the photovoltaic application of semiconductor materials has become a hot topic and is currently the fastest growing and best developing clean energy market in the world. The main production material of solar cells is semiconductor materials,


  • Chip is a general term for semiconductor component products. In electronics, it is a method of miniaturizing circuits (mainly including semiconductor devices and passive components) and often manufactured on the surface of semiconductor wafers. Also known as integrated circuit, microcircuit, or micro


  • The semiconductor industry is one of the key industries supported by the state and one of the most critical "bottleneck" industries. What is semiconductor?


  • Germanium, silicon, selenium, gallium arsenide and many metal oxides, metal sulfides and other objects, whose conductivity is between conductor and insulator, are called semiconductors. Semiconductors have some special properties. For example, the thermistor (thermistor) for automatic control can be made by using the relationship between the resistivity and temperature of the semiconductor; Using its photosensitive characteristics, photosensitive elements for automatic control can be made, such as photocells, photocells and photoresistors


  • Cutting, fillet, edge grinding, baking, inner pretreatment, coating, exposure, DES (development, etching, film removal), punching, AOI inspection, VRS repair, browning, lamination, pressing, drilling target, gong edge, drilling, copper plating, film pressing, printing, text, surface treatment, final inspection, packaging, and other processes are extremely numerous. It sounds great, but the process is so long, and there are many problems to pay attention to.


  • Chips are large-scale, microelectronic integrated circuits. That is, the printed circuit board is scaled down to nanometer (one millionth of a millimeter). On the front of the traditional printed circuit board, there are a large number of radio components, including triodes, diodes, capacitors, electrolysers, resistors, mid cycle regulators, switches, power amplifiers, detectors, filters, and so on.