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  • Semiconductor is the foundation of modern electronic technology, and its development can be traced back to the late 19th century. This article will introduce the development history of semiconductors and explore their importance to modern technology.


  • A semiconductor is a substance with a conductivity between that of a conductor and an insulator. It is not very conductive in a pure state, but its conductivity can be adjusted by adding impurities (doping) or changing the temperature. The typical representative of semiconductors is silicon, which is widely used in the manufacturing of electronic components. Semiconductor technology is the cornerstone of modern electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, digital cameras, etc., all rely on semiconductor chips. In addition, semiconductors are also very important in the energy field, such as semiconductor materials, which are the core of solar cells


  • Beginners may be confused by the terms "chip" and "semiconductor" and cannot distinguish their relationship. Today, Hongtai Express Electronics will focus on sorting out the connections and differences between chips and semiconductors that we often talk about.


  • Recently, the semiconductor industry has received much attention. Morgan Stanley recently released a report stating that the deflation of the technology industry, coupled with long-term demand for artificial intelligence semiconductors, will trigger the next industry upward cycle for logic semiconductors. This news has inspired the semiconductor industry, and some people believe that the spring of semiconductors is not far away. So, let's analyze the current situation and future of the semiconductor industry.


  • Many illiterates believe that quantum mechanics is just a mathematical game with no practical value. Haha, let's find a ancestor for computer chips, please take a look at the demonstration:


  • Chip classification Is there a systematic classification method for so many chips? There are actually many ways to classify chips