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HONTEC is one of leading Optoelectronic PCB manufacture, who specializes in high-mix,low volume and quickturn prototype PCB for high-tech industries in 28 countries.


Our Optoelectronic PCB has passed UL, SGS and ISO9001 certification, we are in application of ISO14001 and TS16949 as well.


Located in Shenzhen of GuangDong, HONTEC partners up with UPS, DHL and world-class forwarders to provide efficient shipping services. Welcome to buy Optoelectronic PCB from us. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours.

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  • 800G optical module PCB - at present, the transmission rate of global optical network is rapidly moving from 100g to 200g / 400g. In 2019, ZTE, China Mobile and Huawei respectively verified in Guangdong Unicom that single carrier 600g can achieve 48tbit / s transmission capacity of single fiber.

  • The 200G optical module PCB is composed of shell, PCBA (PCB blank board + driver chip) and optical devices (dual fiber: Tosa, Rosa; single fiber: Bosa). In short, the function of the optical module is photoelectric conversion. The transmitter converts the electrical signal into the optical signal, and then the receiver converts the optical signal into the electrical signal after transmission through the optical fiber.

  • 100G optoelectronic PCB is a packaging substrate for a new generation of high computing, which integrates light with electricity, transmits signals with light and operates with electricity. It adds a layer of light guide to the traditional printed circuit board, which is very mature at present.

  • The pace of the 400g network is getting closer and closer. The domestic Internet giants Alibaba and Tencent plan to start upgrading the 400g network in 2019. The 400G optical module PCB, as the hardware of the 400G network upgrade, has attracted the attention of all parties.

  • The main function of 40G optical module PCB is to realize photoelectric and electro-optic transformation, including optical power control, modulation and transmission, signal detection, IV conversion and limiting amplification judgment regeneration. In addition, there are anti-counterfeiting information query, TX disable and other functions. The common functions are: SFF, SFF, GBP +, GBIC, XFP, 1x9, etc.

  • The function of the Optical module PCB is to convert the electrical signal into optical signal at the sending end, and then convert the optical signal into the electrical signal at the receiving end after transmitting through the optical fiber.

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