We Guarantee

We are doing every effort to contiously improve our service, quality, delivery performance, technology innovation and competitive price to our customer.We commit ourselves to create most plenty of value for community, customer, staff, shareholder and all partners who take part in.

Technology Innovation

We commit to technology innovation with greatest enthusiasm. Optimization of operation stimulates technology innovation. Innovation not only exists in technics or equipment, but also manpower. Staff are alway our most valuable source for technology innovation.

Delivery Commitment

We will keep optimizing our operation to delivery high quality product to our customer on time. For delay shipment which resulted in serious influence, we will honestly take the responsibility to our customer. At the same time, action is adopted for improvement.

Service Commitment

1) Service Policy: Customer is our boss.

2) Service Mission: We shall provide excellent service to our customer with most satisfication from them.

3) Service Spirit: Being enthusiastic, considerate and quick-response.

4) Service Principle: Rule One - Customer is always right. Rule Two - If any doubt, please refer to Rule One.

Quality Commitment

We guarantee our product and service as follows:

1) To provide qualified product compliant to IPC-A-600 and IPC-6012 standards, as well as customer specification.

2) 24-hour response is guaranteed to any complaint on quality or service. To keep initiative communication with customer in solving problem timely.

3) For any complaint on product quality, SCAR report is submited when improvement action is adopted. In case if need, we will send our engineer to solve problem for customer on-spot.

4) For any rejected product owning to our quality problem, we guarantee our full responsibility for repair, remake or refund.

Grow Together

We are together because of common purposes. Our mission is to support customer to achieve great success. Our future is to pursue satisfaction for our staff physically and mentally.We take into consideration on needs of customer, supplier and staff, in helping customer to have much more wealth, leading suppliers to create much more benefits and giving sour taff much more chances. We are doing our best to do well and ensure our service improvement and technology innovation.Let's grow together. HONTEC is always your partner.

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