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  • According to the news from zhidongxi on June 28, according to money DJ in Taiwan, China, the cumulative sales of semiconductor equipment in Japan exceeded RMB 75.6 billion in May this year, the highest in the same period over the years


  • Although PCB board has a certain self-protection function, it should be avoided from being in a corrosive environment in daily use, and the corrosive factors should be eliminated as much as possible so as to greatly extend its service life. When using, try to keep it in a medium temperature environment to avoid high temperature and low temperature environment. So how does the PCB Factory maintain the PCB?


  • Maybe many people are unfamiliar with PCB. In fact, the so-called PCB is a nickname for the circuit board. It is almost necessary to use the circuit board in the accessible places in people's life, such as computers, elevators and even smart phones that are used every day. The smooth display of their functions is actually controlled by the circuit board. Nowadays, there are a large number of PCB proofing manufacturers. What kind of PCB proofing manufacturers are more favored by users?


  • From common electronic systems to some complex mechanical and electrical engineering systems, they are composed of a large number of parts of different specifications and types. Nowadays, with the development of PCB related technology, the application value of these parts has also been recognized by more fields. Manufacturers specializing in the design, research and development of these parts and technical process research have also entered the cooperation scope of many large brand enterprises. Next, analyze the three outstanding advantages of PCB:


  • At present, many PCB proofing companies have established relatively complete test methods, test standards, various test equipment and instruments to detect and identify the qualification and service life of Allegro proofing products. PCB products are not only convenient for standardized assembly of various components, but also for automatic and large-scale mass production. Therefore, PCB proofing with reliable quality has outstanding advantages. So what skills do you need to master to ensure that the PCB proofing work is more outstanding?


  • As we all know, the competition in China's PCB manufacturing industry is very fierce. A complete industrial chain has been formed from a series of processes such as PCB proofing, mass production, packaging and transportation. In recent years, through extensive and rapid development and cruel market competition, the basic pattern of China's PCB industry has been formed. Relevant data show that by 2020, the number of PCB enterprises in Chinese Mainland alone will reach more than 2000, an amazing number.