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  • 80HCPS1848CRMI is one of XILINX's chips. Since its establishment, XILINX has taken a leading position in the semiconductor industry in terms of technology, market and business performance. Whether it is to develop the foundry production model, invent FPGAs, be the industry's leading patent holder, or provide customers with satisfactory products and services with the highest quality and reputation, the spirit of innovation has always driven us to make continuous breakthroughs.

  • XC6SLX150T-3FGG676I integrated circuit can be divided into round (metal case transistor package type, generally suitable for high power), flat type (good stability, small size) and dual in-line type according to the shape.

  • P4080NXE7MMC integrated circuits can be divided into standard general integrated circuits and application specific integrated circuits according to application fields.

  • P5040NXN72QC is a microchip launched by NXP, operating temperature -40°C~105°C(TA), speed 2.2GHz, supplier device package 1295-FCPBGA(37.5x37.5)

  • CY7C2665KV18-450BZI integrated circuit, is the memory chip of CYPRESS, storage capacity: 144Mbit, power: 450MHZ, package: 165-FBGA

  • HI-1573PCIF integrated circuit, abbreviated as IC; as the name implies, a certain number of commonly used electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc., as well as the wiring between these components, are integrated by semiconductor technology to have specific functions.