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  • P4080NXE7MMC integrated circuits can be divided into standard general integrated circuits and application specific integrated circuits according to application fields.

  • P5040NXN72QC is a microchip launched by NXP, operating temperature -40°C~105°C(TA), speed 2.2GHz, supplier device package 1295-FCPBGA(37.5x37.5)

  • CY7C2665KV18-450BZI integrated circuit, is the memory chip of CYPRESS, storage capacity: 144Mbit, power: 450MHZ, package: 165-FBGA

  • HI-1573PCIF integrated circuit, abbreviated as IC; as the name implies, a certain number of commonly used electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc., as well as the wiring between these components, are integrated by semiconductor technology to have specific functions.

  • 22Layer RF PCB a radiofrequenza HONTEC lavora a stretto contatto con il team di progettazione del prodotto per garantire che gli obiettivi di costo/prestazioni del progetto siano raggiunti fornendo informazioni sulle opzioni dei materiali, sui costi relativi e sui problemi DFM. Nella foto, 22L RF - Materiale per radiofrequenza; THK: 2,45 mm; finitura superficiale: ENIG; controllo dell'impedenza.

  • Ro3003 Material is a high frequency circuit material filled with PTFE composite material, which is used in commercial microwave and RF applications. The product series aims to provide excellent electrical and mechanical stability at competitive prices. Rogers ro3003 has excellent dielectric constant stability over the entire temperature range, including eliminating the change of dielectric constant when using PTFE glass at room temperature. In addition, the loss coefficient of the ro3003 laminate is as low as 0.0013 to 10 GHz.